Alcohol Ink Tips

with Francine Dufour Jones

Alcohol Ink Tips - with Francine Dufour Jones

Sealing Tiles

One of the most asked and experimented with in the alcohol ink communities is all about sealing tiles and YUPO paper.

1. Many artist swear by Krylon Kamar for at least a first coat. I now do this also. I like that it does not disturb my signature or the painting.  I usually do two coats. 









2. Next I use Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Glaze. I may use several coats. Spray lightly from about 12 inches away. Let each coat dry thoroughly before adding another coat. Once I seal the tiles I let the art cure for about a week before letting anything touch it.















Another option.
After at least one coat of Kamar  instead of Krylon Crystal Clear Triple Thick spray  an inexpensive  alternative is Rust-Oleum  often found at a hardware or automotive store.sealer-










To protect against fading in sunlight use.Provides a permanent, protective gloss coating which protects art, crafts, and valuables against fading caused by harmful UV light rays. Moisture resistant and smudgeproof.

To protect art work from heat many artists are swearing by using resin. This one is very popular and I just got some. It does look simpy to use. They have great videos on how to use it. I just got mine and look forward to trying it out.