Alcohol Ink Tips

with Francine Dufour Jones

Alcohol Ink Tips - with Francine Dufour Jones

FREE: Alcohol Ink eBook How it’s done.

Free eBook about painting with alcohol ink.ebook-free-alcohol-inks

For the last three months over 80 alcohol ink artists have been working tirelessly to bring techniques and examples to the world in a free eBook.  It is a marvelous expression of art from members of the Facebook Alcohol Ink Artists group.  You will find two sections: short tutorials and step-by-step techniques.

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Cover Picture Credits: Top – Riv DeWitt (Riv MagentaRivers), Centre – Sheryl Franklin, Bottom – Willow Wand (Suzie Baker)

I have an entry on page 13

Are There Any Alcohol Ink Groups Online

Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media  This is one of my favorite groups. Very open and not a lot of picky rules.

Media: – “A friendly, open group for anyone interested in alcohol inks and mixed media. Feel free to share your pics and promote your work.”

Alcohol Ink Arts Showcase
Open to the Public Featuring the Latest ART Craze Created by wonderful alcohol ink artists.

Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping: – “This is a newly emerging group to support artists who are learning and building on the Dreamscaping process as offered in June Rollins’ Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide and Instructional DVDs. All levels welcome.”

Between the Alcohol Ink Art Community Site and the new facebook groups, there are many opportunities to share and connect with other Alcohol Ink Painters!