Alcohol Ink Tips

with Francine Dufour Jones

Alcohol Ink Tips - with Francine Dufour Jones


Francine Dufour Jones

Francine Dufour Jones

“Sometimes I giggle thinking that my muses are having fun painting through my brush today,” Francine recently explained to friends. “I’m happy to share because what appears in my art was first given as a gift to me.
Of course, I’ll offer what I have learned.”
Francine enjoys a continuing dialogue with artists in two dozen countries. Her art is displayed in private collections around the world creating a loyal following of clients and friends.


The pirouettes of light, color, and movement herald Francine’s art in all its forms –oils, alcohol inks, acrylic, digital, watercolor, mixed media, and silk painting. “The color of light fascinates me.
There is a dance or a sense of movement about my art. In my seascapes, I want people to feel the exact moment when the crest of a wave is just “KAZOW”
back-lit by the sun – that ‘Yippee!’ when the wave crest itself feels the exhilaration of riding on and returning to, the wave that created it.”
Movement, color, and light are the joyfully poignant themes of Francine’s art.
The ever-present, lazy, elongated S-shape she uses coveys both the visual cue for motion and the distinctly nurturing, feminine dimension of her art. “That’s what light teaches us. There can be a profound movement without physical motion. Capturing that exact moment is what I want to do – whether it’s a child discovering for the first time that beach sand sparkles or the moment lovers first touch after lifetimes apart. That moment is spiritually vibrant because joy is there. That’s what I want people to experience in my art.”