Alcohol Ink Tips

with Francine Dufour Jones

Alcohol Ink Tips - with Francine Dufour Jones

Tree on Top if a Light Background

“Life is Good”
by Francine Dufour Jones


Materials: Jacquard’s Pinata ink, 91% rubbing alcohol, Ranger’s Adirondack Ink and Adirondack Blending Solution, cotton
balls, micro dental brush tool, Adirondack Ink Applicator with colors on it. 5×7″ YUPO Paper, Watercolor Paint Brushes,
Spectrum Noir alcohol ink based markers, Sakura gold Gelly Roll Pen for signature


1.I began by blocking in the sky and background with the lightest colors. I poured yellows first and some rubbing
alcohol tilting the paper to allow inks to flow in the direction I wanted. I added blues and magenta for the top of
the sky and then added Adirondack Blending solution to increase the flow.

2.I manipulated the sky with a watercolor brush (while sky is still wet with the blending solution) until the clouds
pleased me.

3.I poured Piñata Baja Blue over the yellow knowing this would give me green for the foreground. I let the shape
form organically by tilting the pager.

4.Next the trunk of the tree was painted with a small brush adding magenta, orange, and purples

5.I then used Spectrum Noir alcohol ink markers to give the tree more character and definition.

6.I used various tools to finish the foreground foliage and the leaves of the tree. I used the Adirondack Ink
Applicator first on tree top, then fine-tuned using the micro dental brush. I am careful to clean the dental brush in
alcohol before going to a different ink color.
7.I also like to splatter a little alcohol from a watercolor brush for varying texture.

When I paint on YUPO paper I do not seal it as I will display framed and under glass. I always make sure I scan
finished art with high resolution so I can enlarge and sell prints on various substrates like fine art paper, canvas,
silk, and metal.