Alcohol Ink Tips

with Francine Dufour Jones

Alcohol Ink Tips - with Francine Dufour Jones

Video Links

Alcohol Dripping & Spray:

Resisting Alcohol Ink with stamps & Versa Mark & Clear Embossing Powder:

Alcohol Inks Blowing Technique & Stamps:

Alcohol Inks, Gesso & Embossed Foil:

Beginner to Intermediate Alcohol Inks on Tile Tutorial:

Painting a Birch Tree with Alcohol Inks:

Adirondack Alcohol Ink Pansies Violets Technique:

Alcohol Ink on tiles….Framing tutorial by Jewel:

Confetti Peacock by Karen Walker:

Materials for Alcohol Painting by Karen Walker:

Autumn Bunny by Karen Walker:

The Guardian of Mini Golf by Karen Walker:

Little Green Hummingbird by Karen Walker:

Grasses at Holden Beach by Karen Walker:

Cottage Garden by Karen Walker:

Funky CHicken by Karen Walker:

Day Lily Spectrim Noir & Ink on Yupo by Karen Walker:

French Park Fountain Alcohol Ink Painting by Karen Walker:

June Rollins Alcohol Ink Demonstration Video’s:

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